Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What's That Buzzing Sound...

The beehive of music just gets busier and busier. So there is a new folk, indie, pop young gun named Tyler James on the scene that people are starting to chatter about. Pianos, strings, guitars...a nice singer songwriter style. Sure, there's room for one more...everybody slide down one chair...and make some space. I like this type of music...mellow, emotional and one of his singles off his EP is called Stay Humble...good advice for anyone on the planet, especially aspiring rock stars. He can't be all bad.

In fact, he reminds me of another one of my favorites...Josh Rouse. With that said, this would be the right opportunity to say that Josh's music is definitely worth exploring, too...especially an album called of the best, every track is solid.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rock The Goat

So, if you heard a guy named Goat is playing Saturday, July 8th at Wesley's on Adams Street in Toledo, you might only be slightly interested (if not annoyed with the name). Then, if you were told that he has a hit song, Great Life, on a KIA commercial, you might start to make some plans. Then, if you went to his website and read his influences (Chris Whitley, U2, R.E.M., Gwen Stefani, The Fugees, 2Pac) you might show a lot of interest... then you read who he "sounds like" (Beck, Pete Yorn, Ben Lee, Jack Johnson, R.E.M., Soul Coughing, Dave Matthews, G Love & Special Sauce, Spoon) only have one choice. Go to the show, support a local music scene and have a great time!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Room For A Few More On The Ark...

They keep coming on two by two. The Ark is putting together a solid schedule(no surprise!). Here are two more to add to the "must see" list...Cibelle on September 18th & Teitur on September 19th (not confirmed).

This is how Cibelle is described on the Ark website
(if this doesn't grab your attention, I'm worried...)
"This Brazilian artist sings in Portuguese and English, and she takes the experimental edge of bossa nova and carries it forward into the 21st century. Like no one else we can think of, Cibelle (see-BELL-ee) makes use of a variety of elements to create unique, imaginative, and enchanting pieces of music. Her new album, "The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves," is a genuine masterpiece, combining rootsy acoustic instrumentation and electronic processing, noise guitars and children's toys, captivating textural soundscapes and pure melodies carried by her unmistakable, moving voice. In person she's unlike anyone else you've ever seen, standing at the microphone one minute and crouching in front a bank of electronic dials the next. Listening to each of the songs on The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves is like hearing a story and exploring a landscape full of surprises, all at once. Cibelle's lyrics and musical ideas are directly derived from her emotional life: she says she likes to use her life as a lab, and claims to be the hamster and the scientist all at once . . ."

Teitur is a folk rock singer songwriter who has a way with words that sets him above many others. Poetry & Areoplanes, a recent album, is a stellar example of his skills and vocal abilities. He grew up on the Faroe Islands, which are owned by Denmark, but located between Iceland and Scotland. His Danish descent gives his vocals a unique quality.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

This Is A Song Called Bad...

It was July 13th, 1985. I had just graduated from high school and Live Aid was the most anticipated music event in my life to that point. Woodstock had made it's impact both socially and musically, but I was two years old when that went down. A newer cable channel called MTV was planning on broadcasting most of the event. So much music, so many people coming together for such a good cause. Each performance was bigger than the last as we watched music change the world that weekend...but, the band and the moment that did it for me was U2 performing Bad. I will never forget it. The switch went off in my head...and I said to myself "yeah, it's only rock n roll, but I like it." When Bono did an improv slow dance with a woman from the crowd, I knew rock n roll had a soft heart at the center of it's hard shell. Who wouldn't want to relive that moment? We can even forgive Bono for his world class mullett. Check out the video clip.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jolie Baby...

A quick note to highlight a good show coming to The Ark in Ann Arbor.
Sean Hayes will be opening for Jolie Holland on Wednesday, July 26th. The best I can say is give them a listen and then make the right choice. See you there!
Other upcoming Ark shows of note:
July 1st / Jackie Greene
July 12th / Paul Thorn
August 4th / Slaid Cleaves
August 17th / The Ditty Bops
August 18th / Kelly Joe Phelps