Sunday, April 30, 2006

Save Your Soul...

It seems tough to define soul music anymore, but you usually know it when you hear it. I figure, if you are driving in your car at dusk, listening to a song that makes you roll down your window, stick your arm out a little farther and tap your side mirror to the's soul music! If you slide back in your seat just a little bit when you roll up to a stop light, glance over at the car next to you and slowly tilt your head, with the universal "What Up?"'s soul music! Don't lie, you've done it. Aaaah, soul music! gives you just enough time to think, and just enough of a beat to keep you movin' on.

The 70's had their time to shine and it's never a disappointment to re-visit the old classics...but don't box up your platform shoes and your bell-bottoms just yet!
Here are a few links for some artists, who are still keepin' it soulful.
Anthony Hamilton......Van Hunt......and Lewis Taylor.
Check 'em out.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lean, Mean & Not So Clean...

Sometimes your ears are just in the mood to hear something raucous, and grimy that sounds good with the volume cranked. The Black Keys deliver the goods....think of the sound of Cream, smothered in a layer of oil & grease...nothing polished here! This Akron based duo brings it hard... bluesy, garage rock, mmm mmmm good. To get a flavor, I suggest an earlier album called The Big Come Up...just two guys pounding out what could double as the soundtrack for the third shift workers at a tire factory.
Warning: after a listen, you may need a bar of Lava Soap to get the dirt outta your ears. Listen up.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Can You Document That?

Music related documentaries...all those in favor, say aye.
AYE! I would be interested to know some other opinions on great music documentaries.

Two come to mind, right away...
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, which captures Wilco's efforts to be humans, be friends, be creative and record an album (without killing each other) and Style Wars, an amazing chronicle of the Hip Hop Scene as it started to bubble up from the subway tunnels in NYC, circa 1982. You would be hard pressed to find a more honest effort about graffiti, break dancing and MCs & DJs in an urban landscape...true originals. (they're getting harder and harder to find)

The double disc DVD, which is distributed by Plexifilm, is packed with all kinds of highlights, including footage of "tagged" subway trains, galleries and interviews of some of NYC's graffiti artist hall of famers.

So, add a comment.....let me know what other films fall in the "must see" category.

Sweet Home, Toledo

Note to self: Ray Lamontagne will be heading to our music mecca on August 8th, opening for Guster at the Toledo Zoo Amphitheater. Make a note of PEN!!! If you've never spent time digging into Ray's debut album, take a day off, pull up a floor and breathe in the soul of this great singer songwriter.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

All the Way Live...

So, some people just can't get enough of their favorite music. You bought all the CDs, but you need more. Check out to see if there are some live shows that will help you get over that jones. The list is long and the site may be a little cumbersome to navigate, but once you're in, let the plundering begin. Some files aren't MP3s, so make sure you know what you are up to.

And more specifically, if you like to shake it to The Roots, check out is a great site to grab some MP3s of the hip hop genius that is the legendary Roots Crew...better yet, if they ever perform near you, check them out. Hands down, the best live Hip Hop show...tick tock, ya don't stop!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

World Leader Pretend

No, not an entry about GW... Just a heads up on a band that has had a quiet 2006, so far. When you listen to World Leader Pretend sing the song Bang Theory, you feel like you are hearing Echo & the Bunnymen for the new millenium. Strong, soaring vocals and melodic strings and a reputation for a great live show....note to self: keep an eye out for this New Orleans based band.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bob's Best

Any thoughts on Bob Marley's greatest song?
Everyone has a favorite Marley song...don't they?
If you are reading this, your opinion is welcome.
So much to choose from....all perfect to just kick back and listen to.
Wish I could have seen him perform live.
Time Will Tell, I'm Still Waiting, Waiting In Vain
One of my favorite Marley quotes...."Who feels it, knows it." So true...uninformed judgement generally gets us nowhere.

CMJ Rock Hall Music Fest

On June 14th - 18th, major helpings of good music will be descending on Cleveland for the CMJ Rock Hall Music Fest. Check out the lineup.....Mike Doughty alone is worth the $50.

Cleveland Calling...

Two exhibits that should be worth checking out are coming to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Mark your calendars.

Bob Dylan's American Journey
May 20th - September 4th
The exhibit features more than 150 artifacts, including Dylan’s 1949 Martin 00-17 guitar, typed and handwritten lyrics, rare concert posters and handbills, signed albums, and dozens of photographs. At the center of the exhibit are four films exploring different facets of Dylan’s career, with rare performance footage and interviews with Dylan and other artists.

The Clash
Opens October 2006
The Clash survived into the Eighties, amassing a formidable body of work. Led by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, the Clash offered militant politics tempered by hope. Their strongest albums, London Calling and Sandinista!, balanced the raw power of punk with forays into reggae and rockabilly. Throughout their career, the Clash held fast to their convictions, making music that rocked with a conscience. The Clash are 2003 inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The exhibition will include collections from all five band members of the Clash.


Here is a list of shows that are coming to this area of the country. I will update as info. becomes available. If you haven't heard of some of these bands, take some time to listen on iTunes or search the web. Something for everyone....go see some live music!

4/28 The Ark Band @ Mickey Finn’s (reggae)
4/28 Mountain Heart @ The Ark (bluegrass)
5/5 Will Hoge @ Mickey Finn’s (ala Black Crowes)
5/6 Hamell On Trial @ Mickey Finn’s
5/10 Gomez @ Clutch Cargos
5/11 Sigur Ros @ State Theater
5/11 Elefant & Sound Team @ Blind Pig
5/12 Sam Roberts @ Magic Stick
5/12 Anthony Hamilton @ Fox Theatre
5/14 Secret Machines @ Magic bag
5/17 Glenn Phillips @ The Ark
5/17 – 5/21 Motor City Music Conference (Detroit)
5/18 Mogwai @ St. Andrews
5/21 Greg Brown @ Beachland Ballroom
5/22 Pearl Jam & MMJ @ The Palace
5/25 The Twilight Singers @ St. Andrews
5/26 & 27 Bobby Bare Jr. @ Old Town School
5/30 Clumsy Lovers @ Mickey Finn’s
6/2 Ralph Stanley @ The Ark
6/2 Tapes n Tapes @ Abbey Pub
6/5 Dungen @ Magic Stick
6/6 DMB & G. Love @ DTE
6/9 Brandi Carlile @ Blind Pig
6/9 Snow Patrol @ Clutch Cargos
6/11 The Wood Brothers @ Festival of the Arts (Detroit)
6/14-6/18 CMJ Rock Hall Fest in Cleveland
6/16 Aquabats & Whole Wheat Bread @ St. Andrews
6/16-18 Bonnaroo (Manchester, TN)
6/17 Alejandro Escoveda @ The Ark
6/18 89X Birthday Bash (Detroit)
6/19 & 20 Radiohead @ Auditorium Theatre (Chicago)
6/23 Ani DiFranco @ Power Center (Ann Arbor)
6/24 & 25 Intonation Festival in Chicago
6/25 Biirdie @ Lagerhouse
7/1 Jackie Greene @ The Ark
7/2 Jose Gonzalez @ Central Park Summerstage
7/4 My Morning Jacket & Mike Doughty @ Taste of Chicago
7/5 India.Arie @ Taste of Chicago
7/12 Bob Schneider @ Magic Bag
7/21 Deadstring Brothers @ Rally by the River
8/3 Kuyahoga @ Blossom (Flaming Lips, etc.)
8/4-6 Lollapalooza in Chicago
9/1 Ben Harper @ Meadow Brook
9/15-9/17 ACLFest (Austin, TX)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Jeff Tweedy Quote

"I think Wilco is never going to accomplish this goal, but I would love for more people to listen to music as a sole activity. I think it’s a really transformative way that that art form can touch you. Aside from live music, which I think is really important to being human—to be a part of a crowd experiencing music—recorded music is like literature when you allow yourself to sit and listen. I mean, you know. That’s all you did when you were growing up; that’s all you needed to do. You found friends that could sit and be quiet and not f—in’ ruin it; those were your friends, you know? If somebody couldn’t do that, you couldn’t hang out with them. I don’t care how cool they were; they were not cool."

Jeff Tweedy in Paste Magazine (12/05)

Everyone needs music.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Check 1 -2 Check, Check

Is this thing on?