Wednesday, January 12, 2011

David Gray Acoustic Tour in 2011...

David Gray and his band will be kicking off the 2011 "Lost and Found tour" in Boston, MA on February 21. The tour will center on tracks from his 2010 album Foundling, as well as reinterpretations of songs from his entire catalogue. Ticket presales and onsales begin this week. He will perform at the Detroit Opera House on February 26th.


David wants to share with you some of the ideas and visions behind this tour as well give you the chance to contribute your ideas to the setlist. Check it out!

The 'Lost and Found' Tour

The 'Lost and Found' tour embodies more than just an opportunity to play some of the quieter, more intimate songs not only from 'Foundling', but from across my catalogue, it also provides a long anticipated platform for a completely different approach. In terms of the way that the sound of the music is captured and presented, it will be more like a recording session than a gig in many ways. Acoustic instruments will be miced up for their real sound, rather than going for the usual pick-up sound, and as a result volume levels both for the band and the audience will have to be kept much lower than at your average 'rock' show. Hopefully the sonic results will be more than worth the sacrifice of a few decibels. Essentially the 'Lost and Found' show will be a listening experience.

Something else that will be different, will be the close proximity of all the musicians involved. I am imagining a very tight knit group on stage, which will involve cello, double bass, piano, guitar, melodica, drums and harmonium, and in which the musicians will be free to move from instrument to instrument during songs. A more reactive environment, in which subtle changes of mood, tempo and dynamics can be responded to instantly and instinctively by everyone involved.

Performing very quiet and delicate songs on a big stage, it often feels like you are battling against the distance between each other. My fantasy is for a situation onstage in which the bonds of musicianship are so tight and so close, that moving with the current of the music is like flying with a flock of birds, or swimming with a shoal of fish; where sudden and dramatic changes of direction are possible even though the signals that summon them are barely perceptible.

My idea for the set, is that it will centre around the songs from 'Foundling', but will also include reinterpretations of songs both large and small from across all my albums, with maybe a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

While on the subject of the setlist, the spirit of festive generosity is clearly still in the air. Bearing in mind that rehearsals haven't started yet, if there is any particular song of mine that you think has been languishing on the sidelines for too long and would dearly love to hear, then drop me a line at quick sharp, and I'll see what I can do about getting a new version together.

See you all soon,


Tour Dates
2/21 Wang Center ~ Boston, MA
2/22 Strathmore North ~ Bethesda, MD
2/23 Beacon Theatre ~ New York, NY
2/25 Massey Hall ~ Toronto, ON
2/26 Detroit Opera House ~ Detroit, MI
2/27 The Chicago Theatre ~ Chicago, IL
2/28 State Theatre ~ Minneapolis, MN
3/03 McCaw Hall ~ Seattle, WA
3/04 The Centre in Vancouver for Perf. Arts ~ Vancouver, BC
3/07 Davies Symphony Hall ~ San Francisco, CA
3/08 Royce Hall at UCLA ~ Los Angeles, CA
3/09 Spreckels Theater ~ San Diego, CA

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