Friday, June 04, 2010

Jamie Lidell Adds Cleveland Grog Shop Date...

Funky and full of soul, or soulful and full of funk . . . either way, Jamie Lidell will be at The Grog Shop in Cleveland on September 10th.

Review of his latest album, Compass:
“a neo-psychedelic ode, planting romantic avowals amid arid textures.”
- New York Times

"elegantly warped love songs...(a) blend of creamy come-ons and fuzzy beats"
- Rolling Stone

"A beautifully mixed bag...impassioned and lushly arranged" - Esquire

"It's quite a ride' - Uncut 4/5

“Jamie Lidell has shifted boundaries, moved from style to style. On his new album 'Compass' the producer comes closer than ever to defining his multi-faceted sound, to pinning his ideas down onto one disc.” - Clash

'Lidell's previous albums have tried to reconcile his two loves; electronica and classic soul. On Compass, the globe wandering Englishman might have squared the circle'
- Uncut

'A welcome return' - The Guardian

“We’re honoured to hear something as soulful, electically energised, energetic and accessible as this.” 10/10
- iDJ

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