Saturday, April 24, 2010

KRS-One Droppin' Knowledge on Oberlin...

For the past 20 years Bronx rapper, and Hip-Hop legend KRS-ONE has been one of the most vocal advocates for Hip-Hop music and Culture. KRS-ONE began his career with DJ Scott La Rock as Boogie Down Productions but were initially ignored by important radio DJs like Marley Marl. BDP first gained recognition for recording a song titled "South Bronx" in response to a song by MC Shan where he erroneously claimed the origins of Hip-Hop to be Queens Bridge, and not KRS-ONE's own South Bronx. The conflict eventually led to a victory for BDP in one of the greatest rap beefs of all time, and the start of a long recording career for KRS-ONE. He has gone on to several albums with Boogie Down Productions and many more as a solo artist, including his most recent with Brooklyn MC Buckshot. KRS-ONE is one of the most influential and most oft copied rappers of all time, but is also widely beloved for his commitment to the positive aspects of Hip-Hop and his role as a combination of Hip-Hop's wise elder statesmen, and its crazy older uncle.

KRS-ONE will be performing in Oberlin at the Sco, followed by a lecture on April 27th at 10 pm, tickets are $5 with student ID and $10 without.

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